Links to Published Works

Individuals and Their Stories Can Knock Down Walls of Intolerance [Summer 2015 work at Shalom Hartman Institute]

The Role of Faith in Fostering Hope and Unity [The beauty of religion- Tikkun Magazine]

Faith is Certain and Endless [The optimism behind having faith- Sojourners Magazine]

Expanding Faith [The idea of Jewish missionary work- Kerem Magazine]

Expanding the Boundaries of Faith  [Experimental Jewish living- The Jewish Writing Project]

Common Ground Friends  [Interfaith Dialogue among teens- Read The Spirit Magazine]

Where Do You Give? [Social action and righteousness- Blog of American Jewish World Service]

Don’t Pass Over Social Responsibility [Social action and living mindfully- “Ritualwell”- Blog of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College]

Guided by Faith [Students who pursue faith- Sun Sentinel] 

Find the Common Ground [The goal of religion in our progressive generation]

The Human Right to Love [Response to the North Carolina ban on gay marriages and civil unions- Tikkun]

Why Pray? [New outlook on the role prayer should play in our lives- Moment Magazine]

Teenagers with a Mission [The need for Jewish missions work around the world- Tablet Magazine]

Faith Sharpening [Creating pluralism in all communities- Project Interfaith Blog]

Embracing Pluralism [Summer with the Bronfman Youth Fellowship – The Jewish Writing Project]

Reoccupy Judaism [Denominations and pluralism- Tribe Magazine of Queens College

Embracing Pluralism [Summer with BYFI- Tribe Magazine of Queens College]

Finding Rome’meaning: Where Aspiration Meets Inspiration [A blog for the Romemu synagogue]

When the Finish Line Becomes a Milestone [Ritualwell, publication of Reconstructionist Rabbinical College]

Forget Committees. We Want a Community.  [United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism- Centennial blog]

A Progressive Suggestion for the Conservative Movement [Tribe Magazine- publication of Queens College]

Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas

Kindness By Choice

United Nations 


God’s To-Do List

Tisch: Expand Your Table

Faith is Certain 

Torah Today: Create and Grow 

Creating Sacred Spaces 

Yonah: The Art of Running Away

 The Synagogue: I-Thou

The Blessings and Curses of the Full Time Jewish Student 

Reoccupy Judaism 

B’Shem Hashem: The Angels in Our Midst 

The Choices We Make

Pro-Choice Covenant

Sinning For the Right Reasons

How Am I Supposed To Feel? [Kotel]

A Buddhist, A College Student, and a Faith Made Holy

The Art of Not Knowing

What Mega Churches Know About Spirituality


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